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Visiting The Isle Of Wight In A Campervan, Places To Eat, Places To Visit And Campsites

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Are you looking for a holiday that is just right for you? If so, the Isle of Wight might be the perfect place! With its wide variety of attractions and places to stay, there is something for everyone on the Isle of Wight. In this article, we will outline some of the best things to do and see on the island, as well as some of the best places to stay while you are there.

isle of wight in a campervan

If you’re looking for a campervan holiday with plenty of opportunities to explore, the Isle of Wight is perfect. There are so many places to eat and see on this beautiful island, and it’s easy to find a campsite that suits your needs. Here are just some of the highlights of a campervan trip to the Isle of Wight.

Visit The World-Famous Blue Lagoon Water Park.

Looking for a fun-filled day out with the family? Then head to Blue Lagoon water park on the Isle of Wight! With slides, a swimming pool, and a café on site, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Plus, with stunning views of the island’s coast.

The Blue Lagoon water park on the Isle of Wight has been a popular summer destination for families for many years. The park first opened its doors in 1987, and since then, it has become a firm favourite with locals and visitors alike.

The water park is situated in an old quarry, which was first used as a swimming hole by locals back in the 19th century. In the early days, the only way to access the quarry was by climbing down a rope ladder!

Nowadays, the Blue Lagoon is a fully-fledged water park, with plenty of slides and other attractions to keep everyone entertained. The lagoon itself is heated, so even on cooler days you can enjoy a swim.

The park features a range of different attractions, including a lazy river, slides, a wave pool and a children's play area. There is something for everyone at Blue Lagoon!

Head To The Charming Town Of Shanklin

If you're looking for a charming town to visit on the Isle of Wight, Shanklin is definitely worth a visit! This pretty seaside town is home to a number of interesting shops and cafés, as well as beautiful views of the coast. There's plenty to keep you occupied in Shanklin, so make sure to add it to your list of places to see on the Isle of Wight!

The town has a long and varied history, dating back to the Roman era. Shanklin was an important settlement during the medieval period, and later became a popular seaside resort in the Victorian era. Today, Shanklin is a charming town with a wide range of shops, restaurants and cafes, as well as a number of historical sights.

Relax on one of Shanklin's three beaches, Whether you're looking to sunbathe, paddle in the waves, or simply take a refreshing walk, Shanklin's three beaches are perfect for anyone wanting to enjoy some time by the sea. Be sure to check out Small Hope Beach, located just a short walk from Shanklin Chine, for some stunning views.

Explore Shanklin Chine, Shanklin Chine is a lush ravine that flows down to the beach, and is one of the town's most popular attractions. Take a walk through the chine and admire the greenery, listen to the sound of the waterfalls, and keep an eye out for wildlife!

Visit Shanklin`s Old Village and thatched roofs, For a step back in time, head over to Shanklin Old Village where you'll find quaint thatched-roof cottages and cobbled streets.

Take In The Views At St Catherine’s Mount

If you're looking for a breathtaking view, St Catherine's Mount on the Isle of Wight is the perfect spot. With its lush green landscapes and stunning coastline, it's easy to see why this spot is so popular with tourists. But what many people don't know is that the mount is also home to a number of fascinating historical sites.

St Catherine’s Mount is a small islet off the coast of the Isle of Wight, England. The islet is home to a 12th-century Norman chapel dedicated to Saint Catherine of Alexandria. According to legend, the chapel was built by a knight who had been shipwrecked on the island and prayed to Saint Catherine for deliverance. The knight vowed to build a chapel if he was spared, and true to his word, he built the chapel after he was rescued.

The chapel has been restored several times over the centuries, and today it is a popular tourist destination. Visitors can take a boat ride out to the islet, or hike around it on a marked trail. The views from the top of the islet are stunning, and on a clear day, visitors can see all the way to France.

Places to Eat on the Isle of Wight

There are so many places to eat on the Isle of Wight that it is hard to know where to start. Here are some of our favourites:

The Hub - A great cafe with a great atmosphere, The Hub is perfect for coffee and cake after a day exploring the island. They also serve brunch from 12-2pm on the weekends.

The Ship Inn - Another great cafe, The Ship Inn is located in Binstead and has an extensive menu including burgers, fish and chips and even vegan options! They also have a small bar serving drinks and snacks.

The Spit - Located in Shanklin, The Spit is a great place to go for drinks or eats with friends. They have a wide range of beers, wines and cocktails as well as delicious food including pizza, pasta and burgers.

Pagoda - If you're looking for delicious Chinese food then Pagoda is the place for you! They have a wide variety of dishes including Beijing duck, Szechuan chicken and Singapore noodles.

The Old Mill - A great spot for fresh local produce, The Old Mill is located in Newport and is perfect for grabbing a picnic lunch or dinner. You can also buy fresh

The Best Places to Visit on the Isle of Wight

If you're looking for a relaxing holiday, the Isle of Wight is perfect. The island is small enough to explore in a short time, but has enough attractions to keep you busy for days. Here are some of our favourite places to visit on the island:

The Bembridge Military Museum

Bembridge Military Museum is a small museum located in the village of Bembridge on the Isle of Wight. The museum is dedicated to the memory of the soldiers of the Isle of Wight who have served their country in times of war. The museum holds a collection of artifacts and memorabilia from the various conflicts that the Isle of Wight has been involved in, as well as a library of books and documents relating to the island's military history.

The museum is housed in a former Royal Navy barracks, which has been refurbished to provide a spacious and well-lit setting for the exhibits. The museum's collection includes a wide range of military artefacts, from uniforms and weapons to medals and photographs. There is also a library on site, which contains a wealth of information on the island's military history.

The museum's knowledgeable staff are always on hand to answer any questions you may have, and there are plenty of interactive displays to keep everyone entertained. Whether you're a keen historian or just looking for something different to do on your holiday, the Bembridge Military Museum is sure to impress.

The Medina

This historic town centre is full of shops, restaurants and pubs. There's also a beautiful square with fountains and benches where you can relax after a busy day exploring the town.

East Cowes

East Cowes is a town on the Isle of Wight, England, located on the east bank of the River Medina. The town's name is derived from the Old English for "cow island". East Cowes is home to many historical landmarks, including Osborne House, the former royal residence of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.

The town of East Cowes was first settled in the 12th century. In 1340, a charter was granted to the town by King Edward III. The town grew steadily throughout the medieval period, and by the 16th century it was one of the largest settlements on the Isle of Wight.

During the English Civil War, East Cowes was held by Parliamentarian forces. In 1642, a siege by Royalist troops failed to take the town.

In 1855, Prince Albert bought Osborne House from Sir John Cowell. Queen Victoria often visited East Cowes with her family, and after Albert's death in 1861 she spent more time there, making it her de facto summer residence.

Today, East Cowes is a popular tourist destination. The town's Victorian architecture and seaside location make it a popular choice for visitors to the Isle of Wight.

East Cowes is a lovely little town on the Isle of Wight, and I absolutely enjoyed my time there. The people are friendly, the scenery is beautiful, and there's just something about the place that feels very calming and relaxing. If you're looking for a quiet getaway, East Cowes is definitely worth considering.


The Isle of Wight is a beautiful island off the coast of England, and Ryde is one of its most popular towns. Boasting stunning views, a rich history, and plenty of things to do, it's no wonder that Ryde is such a popular destination. In this article, we'll explore some of the best things to see and do in Ryde.

Ryde has been a popular seaside resort since the Victorian era, when it first became accessible by train from London. Today, it remains a popular destination for tourists, with its sandy beaches, quaint shops and historic buildings. The town also has a strong community spirit, with many residents working together to keep Ryde clean and tidy.

If you’re interested in learning more about Ryde and its history, why not visit the Ryde Museum? Located in an old lifeboat station, the museum houses exhibits on the town’s maritime history, as well as its social and economic past.

Looking for things to do in ryde? There's plenty to keep you occupied, whether you're into adrenaline-pumping activities or prefer something a little more relaxed.

For the thrill seekers, why not try your hand at kite surfing? ryde is renowned for its strong winds, making it the perfect place to give this exhilarating sport a go. If you're not quite so adventurous, you can always explore the island by bike or on foot – there are plenty of scenic routes to take in.

If you fancy something a bit more low-key, ryde also has some great places to eat and drink. Head to one of the many seafront cafes for stunning views of the Solent, or enjoy a traditional pub lunch in one of the island's historic inns.

Whatever you're looking for, ryde is sure to have something to suit everyone.

Things to Do on the Isle of Wight

If you're visiting the Isle of Wight this summer, there are plenty of things to do in and around the island, no matter what your budget is. From exploring stunning coastal villages to taking in some of the best views in England from atop a hill, there's something for everyone on the Isle of Wight. Here are just four of the many fun activities you can enjoy while you're here:

Visit one of the many stunning coastal villages like Ventnor or Shanklin. These small towns are packed with cafes, shops, and pubs, making for a great day out.

Take a ride on one of the many ferries that ply the waters around the island. Whether you want to explore Harris or enjoy some lovely views from St. Helier, these boats are a great way to get around without having to worry about traffic.

Head up to one of the many hilltops on the island for a fantastic view of all that surrounds you. From Bonchurch to Ventnor Hill and all points in between, there's sure to be a hill that strikes your fancy.

Finally, if you're looking for someplace to camp on the island, there are plenty of great campsites

Campsites on the Isle of Wight

The island is just over 20 miles long and only 13 miles wide but there's plenty of space to spread out. You'll find campsites all over the island, from abandoned farmhouses to peaceful woodland locations. And if you're looking for some delicious food while you're on the island, check out some of the local restaurants. There are plenty of places to stop for a bite while you're exploring the island, so no matter what you're in the mood for, there's likely a place to find it.

If you're looking to camp on the Isle of Wight, there are plenty of options available, from isolated spots in the countryside to well-established campsites close to attractions. Here are some of our favourites:

The Isle of Wight is a beautiful place to visit, with plenty of things to see and do. Whether you're interested in exploring the island's history, taking in its natural beauty, or simply enjoying some time by the seaside, you'll find everything you need on the Isle of Wight. So why not add it to your list of places to visit? You won't be disappointed!



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