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Diesel Heaters For Your Campervan

Updated: Sep 11, 2022

If you are in need of a cheap, reliable source of heating for your campervan then a diesel heater could be the perfect solution for you.

Campervan Diesel Heaters

Diesel heaters are very compact and very easy to install, even for a complete novice.

It may seem to be a bit of a daunting task once you open up the box and see just how many parts there are but don't be put off, most come with great instructions and there are always plenty of videos on YouTube to give you a helping hand.

Nearly all diesel heaters come with everything you need to get you up and running the same day, once installed the only extra thing you will need is some diesel, although you can plumb the diesel heaters straight into your vans diesel tank it is a lot more simple and a lot more common to use the supplied diesel tank.

The tanks are very slim line so there is usually somewhere to hide it away in most campervans plus its very easy to keep an eye on the diesel level.

The controls for your diesel heater are excellent, usually they include an LCD control panel and even a remote so you don't have to get out of your warm, cosy bed in the mornings.

Some of the functions include being able to increase/decrease the temperature and the fan speed.

Set a timer for the heater to turn on/off

And set the heater to turn on/off at your desired temperature.

Below are a few recommended diesel heaters that are very popular, not only with campervans but also, buses, boats, lorries and caravans.

Diesel Heater For Campervans

Package included:

1 x Diesel Air Heater,1 x Pipe,

1 x Air Outlet,1 x Oil Filter,

1 x Air Filter,1 x Fuel Pump,

1 x 10L Tank,1 x LCD Switch,

1 x Fuel Line,1 x Exhaust Pipe,

1 x Wire Harness,1 x Remote Control,

1 x Mounting Plate,1 x Air Intake Pipe,

1 x English Manual,1 x Silencer,

1 x Set of Installation Kit

Cheap Diesel Heater

Small and Compact

Designed for easy and space-saving installation within the interior or even under the floor.


Pre-heating is available by the remote control to eliminate the frost on the window.

Best Diesel Heater

low emissions, low fuel consumption.

Remote control.

When the vehicle is replaced, it can be disassembled and easily fitted to a new one.

Fuel, electricity, temperature can be set arbitrarily.

The LCD dynamic display will clearly show the running state of the machine.

Full kit includes everything needed for standard installation.

Diesel Heaters For Campervans

The heater temperature sensor constantly measures the interior temperature and adapts the heating level by automatically adjusting the amount of air passing through the unit. that the temperature selected by the user is rapidly reached and maintained at a constant level.

- When the unit is switched on the dosing pump feeds fuel from the vehicle's fuel tank to the heater. Here the fuel is automatically ignited by means of a glow plug.

- In the combustion chamber a flame is lit which heats up the heat exchanger. The heater takes air in from outside of the vehicle for combustion purposes and

- the combusted exhaust air is discharged back outside. During heating, the integrated fan sucks in the air to be heated through the inlet and feeds it through

- the heater. As the air flows through the heat exchanger it is heated up and is then distributed through the outlet. The connected hot air ducting spreads the air

- evenly throughout the vehicle interior. Thanks to the unit's separation of the combustion cycle from the heating cycle there is no quality impairment of the hot air.

Cheap Diesel Heater For Campervan

Aluminium Body: The combustion chamber, the base and the heat-dissipating scale are all sand-blasted aluminium parts. It is integrally formed, featuring with uniform heat dissipation, fast heat.

Energy Saving: The optimized frequency conversion ECU accurately controls the injection frequency of the oil pump, and controls the intake air amount with the precise speed to extend the service life of the heater



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