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Campervan Reversing Cameras.

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

We take a look at some of the leading campervan reversing cameras to help improve your van life.

campervan reversing camera

Unfortunately one of the most common accidents to happen in a campervan is caused by people simply reversing into something, it could be a lamppost, a bollard or a bush, either way its going to cause unnecessary damage to your campervan, damage that will usually be costly and damage that didn't need to happen.

Many campervans nowadays don't have a rear view mirror which can be pretty daunting for some, luckily there is a very cost affective solution that can be installed by anyone.

A reversing camera is a must have for your campervan if you want to save money and the hassle of any repairs caused by a reversing accident.

We have put together a few of the leading reversing cameras for you take a look at below that can be easily fitted to your campervan.


AUTO-VOX TW1 True-Wireless Campervan Reversing Camera Kit

Easy Installation: Only takes 5 minutes to install the reversing camera, since the TW1 is no drilling, no complex wiring, no connecting reverse light required. Do the installation by yourself and save the installation fee up to £150!

Support 2 Cameras & Safely Parking: The 5 inches monitor supports 2 camera inputs so you can add the second TW1 rear camera as the front or side view camera. You can freely switch the image between CAM1 and CAM2 which reduces much more blind spots. It is very helpful to avoid obstacles while reversing. Greatly improve the parking safety and efficiency.

All-in-One True-wireless Backup Camera: To achieve the true-wireless technology, the rechargeable 3350Mah battery and wireless transmitter are embed in the backup camera. It can last for 75 days of average use (2~3 times per day). With the IP68 waterproof, no need to worry about the water getting into your rear view camera or its micro USB input port.

Stable & Real-time 720P Image: Digital signal transmission brings you a stable and smooth 720P image without any flicker even under the car speeds up to 50-60 mph. Free from interfering with other devices, such as Bluetooth. You can activate the monitor with an easy press for reversing or monitoring at any time.

High Compatibility & Customer Service: Suitable for vehicles with a length up to 23 ft(7 meters), like Cars, Camper, Caravan, Minivans and Motorhome. All of our products have 12-month Warranty and Lifetime Support. Helpful Customer Service and Technical Support(email: are always standing by to help.

Why choose TW1 wireless reversing camera?

All-in-one true-wireless camera: The backup camera comes with a battery, it is powered by the battery. Omit to connect the reverse light and transmitter. Everyone can install it within 5 minutes.

Support two cameras: It can be added the second camera as the front/side view camera to reduce more blind spots.

Rechargeable 3350Mah battery: High power capacity supports up to 75 days of average use(2~3 times per day). It can be charged by the USB cable(included) or solar panel(not included).

Digital signal transmission: It will present stable & smooth images whenever you want(reversing or driving).

Updated sensor for 720P HD image: Bring you high-definition and true-to-life image.

Excellent night vision: You can see the objects behind your car under a low-light source, such as your reversing light.

Optional Normal/Mirror/Up/down image & guidelines for special needs.

Easy to disassemble: It can be switched to other cars easily.


AUTO-VOX M1 Campervan Reversing Camera Kit

One Wire Easy Installation: AUTO-VOX 4.3 inch LCD rear view monitor connects a rear camera by one video cable, both the monitor & camera get power from 12V reversing light. (Notice: This is wired version, not wireless version)

Clear Image and Night Vision: The M1 reversing camera systems can offer the high quality and stable picture. Low illumination of 0.1 Lux for night vision - Give you a clear picture under the dark area with a little light.

IP68 Water & Dust Resistant: The reverse camera has the highest waterproof and dust proof rating. NO worry about the dust or rain getting into your camera.

Auto Display Rear View Vision When Reversing: This rear view monitor automatically turns on and synchronously displays the rear vision from back camera with the parking line when you're reversing.

Customer Service: All of our products have 12 Month Warranty and Lifetime Support. Helpful Customer Service and Technical Support are always standing by to help.


CHORTAU Campervan Mirror Dash Cam

Full HD 1080P and Wide Angle : Based on advanced chipset, wild angle Full HD 1080P front camera and 4 LED lights Full HD rear camera to ensure high quality image even at night.

Reverse Monitor System : Equipped with a waterproof rear camera, provide a rear view that is activated when the reverse gear is engaged. Will show the parking guide line, it can guide drivers to secure parking areas.

4.8 Inches Touchscreen : The mirror dash cam combines a 4.8 inches touchscreen display that provide an ease of operation to control and preview.

Rear View Mirror : Not only a high resolution dual lens dash cam, but also a rear view mirror. Excellent appearance with 2.5D advanced Anti-glare blue glass, giving you a clear and full rear view.

Easy-Install : Very easy to install this mirror dash cam, only need to fix it on the previous rear view mirror with rubber straps supplied, no need to remove your car rear view mirror.


AUTO-VOX W-7 Campervan Wireless Reversing Camera

Wireless and Fewer Accessories for Easy Installation: Without installing the transmitter and running the difficult video cable across the car, it is more convenient to install by yourself. You will be no longer worry about where the transmitter should be placed and don't need to remove all of the trim to get wires to the front. Save your time and money.

Clear Image and Super Night Vision Compared with other digital rear cameras, the W-7 rear view camera is designed to be smaller even with a built-in transmitter. The IP68 waterproof reverse camera has 5-full glass lens and 0.1 Lux illumination which presents clear image in daylight and low-light environments, even in rain. The reversing camera could withstand extreme temperatures from -4℉~149℉.

Stable Digital Signal Transmission & Extra Antenna:W-7 Digital backup camera kit offers high contrast, colour saturation and luminance and a range of performance enhancements such as anti-reflective screen and more stable signal. With the digital signal transmission and the extra antenna on the screen, you will get the stable image and get rid of radio, Bluetooth, other video signal interference and free from the degradation of picture quality caused by bad weather.

Normal & Mirror Image and 6 Optional Parking Lines:W-7 backup camera supports mirror and normal image, you can put the rear camera in front of the car to avoid a front blind spot. Besides, there are 6 parking lines for you to choose. It will be very useful for different cars. You will be able to easily park your car even in tight spaces and spot unexpected obstacles. Unwanted scratches and accidents can be avoided while parking. Make parking safer and more efficient.

Stronger & More Durable The rear view monitor and monitor mount are stronger and more durable which are made of better material. The viscous force of the suction cup is stronger and it can be reused after cleaning if it becomes less sticky. Besides, the mount can be rotated 360 degrees in horizontal direction and nearly 80 degrees downwards direction to meet your different viewing demand, especially for mounting on the windshield.


Campervan Reversing Camera HD 1080P

Plug and Play: Rear view camera and monitor are connected directly via a 4-pin cable with a power cord connector. Power it to reverse lights for use when vehicle is in reverse gear Or can be powered by directly connecting to a 12v source fuse box or cigarette lighter/power point/ignition switch for continuous use.

Upgraded High performance IP 69 Waterproof. No need to worry about water inside the camera. Colour HD car rear reversing camera with 149 degree viewing angle and 6 White LED Lights provide crystal clear colour both at night and day.

DIY Setting: You can adjust the parking line's width, moving Left/Right/Up/Down to make it fits for the real condition. You can also turn it off if you do not want it. The image can be flipped between mirror (rear view) and facing (front view).You can use the camera as reverse camera or front camera optional.

Reverse camera kit with HD 4.3 Inch LCD display monitor equipped with magnetic bracket, You can rotate it 360 degrees, can be mount the monitor on dash or windshield.


Campervan Rear View Reversing Backup Camera

This reverse parking sensor system is the driver’s third eye. Make driving easier and safer. The cigarette lighter powers the entire system, so installation is so simple!

Connect the camera to 12V-24V, it can be used as a full-time rear view monitor or as a security monitor. For novice drivers and large machinery operations, it is undoubtedly a good helper.

Excellent Rear View Camera, IP67 waterproof, with 18 LED lights, infrared night vision function, clear night vision, durable metal shell. Can be used as a rear view, side view, or front view camera as needed. Whether it’s windy, rainy, sandstorm, or night, This parking sensor system will provide you with real-time service.


Wireless HD 1080P Campervan Reversing Camera

Easy Installation Connecting the reversing camera to running light or tail lights for driving & continuous observation use, connecting the camera to reverse lights for reversing use only. Monitor can be power by cigarette lighter/ACC/Fuse/Radio etc..

Support Four Video Inputs The monitor with 4 channels it can match up to 4 cameras easily sweeping blind spots around. four wireless video channels monitoring four cameras. For the extra camera, there are 2 options(truck camera or rv camera). Rear view camera is IP69 waterproof, can withstand extreme temperatures from -22℉~176℉.

Super Night Vision This wireless reversing camera for van designed with 7 infrared light and Sony CCD sensor display images at high definition up to 1080P. Advanced Technology to Generate HD Colour Night Vision Images. You can still watch excellent vision even in a dark environment.

7 INCH Monitor with Recording Function: The R9 wireless reversing camera kit with large 7-inch monitor and fully functioning video recording, either as a continuous loop (default setting) or manual option. We provide the 32GB SD card if you need.

High Compatibility & Reliable Customer Service and 2-year Warranty


DOUXURY 4.3'' Wireless Campervan Reversing Camera

SAFER DRIVING & PARKING: With the wireless reversing camera, you are able to park or drive even in crowded street and parking lot easily and safely. 170° rear view camera will provide you wide view angle to avoid reversing accidents.

EASY TO INSTALL: With DOUXURY wireless reversing camera kit, there is no wire between the rear view monitor and the reversing camera. Without no complex wiring, you can handle the easy installation yourself or spent less.

STABLE & STRONG SIGNAL: With unique signal chip, the signal from the wireless reversing camera can reach at least 10m (for vehicles) and 100m (for open area). The wireless rear view camera kit will work well for both hatchback, SUV, mini lorry, crossover, estate car, mini-van, MPV, cargo van, etc.

GREAT QUALITY: With clear and sharp pictures, IP68 waterproof feature and night vision function, the DOUXURY wireless reversing camera system is worth the money and your choice.

BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE: 24-Hour online customer service, 60-Day Money-Back guarantee, 12-Month replacement warranty, and Lifetime Support. If you have any question or dissatisfactory, need any help, contact us first you will get best solutions.


AUTO-VOX W10 Wireless Reversing Camera for Campervans

IR Excellent Night Vision: The white light causes the camera glare and reduces vision clarity, triggers individuals to see halos, as well as creates bright, practically white representations on the lens itself. To avoid this issue, W10 uses 2 IR lights with advanced sensor. It illuminates objects up to three meters from the back of the car without glare, provides the clear image for you even at night.

Long Range Reception Distance for Large Vehicles: W10 has a reception distance up to 12 meters. Besides, you can add the extension antenna on it to expand the reception distance up to 20 meters. 7 inch large screen and 135 degrees wide view angle give you more details on the screen and reduce more blind spots. Ideal choice for van, motorhome, trucks, trailer, RV, school bus, campervan.

Keep away from Flicker Screen and Signal Dropout : Equipped with advanced sensor and 2.4GHz digital wireless transmission technology, it provides stable image without lag or flickers even in the speed up to 60km/h. It can reduce the risks of traffic accidents. Improved the driving and parking safety.

Wireless Design for Easy Installation & Reliable Customer Service: No need to run long cables through the vehicle. Step1: Install the reverse camera by connecting to the reversing light and ground (metal part). Step2: Plug the car charger to the cigarette lighter. All of our products have 12-month Warranty and Lifetime Support. Helpful Customer Service and Technical Support(email: are always standing by to help.

Two Channels to Reduce Many Blind Spots: RV’s have many blind spots because of its big size, not only the back of RV’s, but also the left side of RV’s. So installing 2 cameras could greatly help you reduce blind spots. W10 supports 2 camera channels, and features split-screen to show two videos simultaneously. You can install two cameras on one vehicle. Or install them at different vehicles separately. NOTE: It is only one camera in the package.


BOSCAM K1 Wireless Reversing Camera

High Quality Wireless Transmission: The 2.4GHz transmitter is strong enough to provide wireless signal within 100m in an open area. Thus the signal can cover different vehicle sizes, making K1 suitable for a wide range of vehicles including hatchback, SUV, mini lorry, crossover, estate car, mini-van, MPV, cargo van.

Excellent Performance Day and Night: K1 provides high-quality images both day and night. Since reversing at night is potentially the most dangerous, the camera has been fitted with our upgraded light sensor which ensures clear enough night vision.

IP68 Waterproof Rear Camera: The rear camera of K1 is on IP68 waterproof which protected against water immersion. You can mount the camera externally on the number plate and no need to worry about using it on rainy days.

Simple to Install Easy to Use: Since it is a wireless system, you don’t need to route the wire from the rear camera to monitor which is the most difficult part of the wiring. The monitor is triggered when your car is put into reverse and remains switched off when traveling forwards. Very easy to install and use.

Perfect Quality Assurance: We want you to shop with confidence. BOSCAM has perfect quality assurance and top-quality after-sales service. We offer one-year free warranty and unlimited technical support for K1. Have further questions before or after your purchase? You can contact us at our service mail or send mail on Buyer Centre.


Wireless Android & iOS Campervan Camera

QUICK AND SIMPLE INSTALL -- Setup includes just two steps: Attach the camera magnetically to any metal surface and connecting it to a mobile device via Wi-Fi. Camera comes with a strong magnetic base which allows it to easily mount to any metal surface. Everyone will enjoy the easy of installation. ( Note: Phone power is consumed during use, which is normal. )

USE IT ANYTIME AND ANYWHERE -- No need of Internet access or data to link, connect directly to the Wi-Fi created by the camera. Keep your phone's GPS location service turned on, then open your Wi-Fi list and find the Wi-Fi name of your camera. Then connect to it and open the APP. You will enjoy the convenient that Uzone's products bring to you. It compatible with iPhone/iPad/Android phone/ tablet etc.

SUPER NIGHT VISION -- Super night vision Technology, which will undoubtedly improve its imaging performance no matter in daytime or at night, providing HD night vision. This rear view cameras is perfect to avoiding accidents while driving in the dark. [IMPORTANT] If you are using an Android phone, the software is "Safety cam", is not "Safety Cams". The wrong software needs to scan the barcode once it is opened, and the correct software will not ask you for the barcode.

WIRELESS BACKUP CAMERA REVERSING SYSTEM -- IP68 waterproof super night vision backup camera works great in all weather conditions. No wiring harness to run ,Saving you considerable time and money on installation. With Real-time Images, Wi-Fi backup camera shows images on your phones without delay or freeze.

RECHARGEABLE BATTERY -- Battery operated, recharge with included USB cable instead of replacing battery. The charging port has an orange waterproof device. When inserting it, please shake it from side to side and press hard.


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Manon Deslauriers
Manon Deslauriers
Jun 14, 2022

Thanks! I have asked for a reverse camera on my conversion, now I know what questions ask the builder about what he is providing me with. My plan is to have a front camera as well.

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