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Top 8 Leisure Batteries For Your Campervan

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

The best leisure battery for your campervan is one that’s powerful, easy to charge and easy to fit. A low maintenance battery or maintenance free battery is also ideal, as they will require less maintenance. A battery should also be able to discharge easily from a full charge without being damaged.


When deciding on which battery is best for your campervan you may have a preference for either lithium or sealed acid. We included models that satisfy both preferences in our leisure battery roundup. You can find a battery that will suit your needs and budget by taking a look at the list below.

Platinum AGM Plus Leisure Battery 12V 100Ah

Platinum AGM

Voltage: 12 V

Capacity: 100 Ah (C20)


6 Cells

35.4 x 17.5 x 19 centimetres

Yuasa L36-100 12V 100Ah 900A Leisure Battery

Optimised for repeated charging & discharging

Original equipment quality & specification

Supplied charged & ready to fit

Enhanced safety features including integrated flame arrestor and carry handle

Up to 1380 watt hours and up to 160 cycles

12 Volts

6 Cells

22.5 Kilograms

35.3 x 19 x 17.5 centimetres

Renogy LifePO4 Deep Cycle 12V 100Ah Smart Lithium-Iron Phosphate Battery

Versatile Self-Heating: The newly-added self-heating feature allows our popular 12V 100Ah LiFePO4 battery to perform in extreme cold as well as on typical days. With the upgraded auto-heating, you can use this 12V leisure battery safely once its core temperature drops below 41°F (5°C).

Built to Last: At 1/3 the weight of a lead-acid battery, the Renogy 100Ah lithium leisure battery is lighter and more powerful than ever. Its state-of-the-art lithium battery cells ensure an exceptional lifespan of over 4000 cycles (80% DOD) and a continuous discharge current of up to 100A. Backed up by a 5-year prorated warranty.

Ultra-Safe: The advanced battery management system (BMS)—the nerve centre of this 100Ah LiFePO4 battery—provides all-round protection for this 12V lithium battery and manages the charging and discharging process reliably.

Auto-Balancing: Connect multiple Renogy 12V leisure batteries in parallel safely with the auto-balancing function—designed to store maximum power from solar panels and power up energy requirements of different system setups.

Real-Time Monitoring: Unlike most solar batteries on the market, our 12V 100Ah LiFePO4 battery comes with RS485 communication ports to enable seamless communication between connected batteries, external devices (BT-2 Bluetooth modules/monitor screens ), and host computers. So you can keep tabs on the charging status and more information about your smart solar batteries in real time via the DC Home app.

SuperBatt AGM1000 12V 100AH VRLA AGM leisure Battery

SuperBatt AGM1000 VRLA AGM Premium Leisure Battery Valve Regulated Lead Acid Absorbed Glass Mat (VRLA AGM) Ultra Deep Cycle battery 3 to 4 times more cycles than a standard Leisure Battery. Fully Sealed, Spill-proof & Safe to use battery.

Heavy Duty Thick Grid (battery plate) with Absorbed Glass Mat Separators which holds electrolyte like a sponge to prevent acid spillage and providing up to 3 to 4 times more cycles than a standard Leisure Battery. Fully Sealed Construction: Unique sealed construction ensures NO electrolyte leakage from terminals or case. Can be fitted in any position or orientation. Gas Regeneration: Faster Recharge Capabilities due to VRLA AGM technology

Comfortable, reinforced carrying handles. Low self-discharge rate giving extended shelf life. Designed for all climates (This battery can withstand severe temperatures). Genuine & Top-Quality best Battery in its Range. Heavy-Duty Long-Life Battery. Warranty: 2 years warranty against manufacturing faults and defects only. (conditions apply)

Photonic Universe Deep Cycle AGM leisure Battery

What is an AGM battery? AGM stands for Absorbed Glass Mat - this is a battery in which all electrolyte is absorbed into a special sponge made of glass fibre. This advanced technology ensures that AGM batteries are non-spillable, completely sealed and maintenance free - they are one of the safest batteries you can find. They have much longer service life compared to standard wet-cell batteries due to lower degradation and corrosion inside the battery. AGM batteries hold charge well and have low self-discharge rate.

Other important advantages of AGM batteries are:

- Better recovery from deep discharge

- Their position doesn't have to be upright all the time

- Improved resistance to shock and vibration

Deep cycle means that this battery has been specially designed for applications which involve regular deep discharge. Such applications include using it as a leisure battery in caravans, motorhomes, campervans and boats, or energy storage in lighting systems, telecommunications, networking and off-grid power systems. This battery is also great for back up, emergency and UPS power systems.

Nominal voltage: 12V

- Nominal capacity: 100Ah (10h rate) / 105Ah (20h rate)

- Maximum charging current: 25A

- Self-discharging rate: less than 3% per month

- Cycle lifetime at 30% D.O.D.: 1000-1100

- Pressure control: safety valve installed

- Terminal type: F13

- Operating temperature: from +10C to +40C

- Size: 331 x 173 x 217 mm

- Weight: 30.0 kg

Powerline XV31MF Leisure Battery

Powerline produce some of the best budget batteries on the UK market today. Like-for-like, the prices are amongst the cheapest in the UK for each part number produced, but Powerline maintains quality where others may cut back to save costs.

Powerline Leisure Batteries are covered for 4 years.

Voltage: 12 V

Capacity: 105 Ah (C20)


Dimensions (including Terminals): 330L x 172W x 242H (mm)

Hankook XL31 130Ah Leisure Battery

This heavy duty deep cycle battery is designed to meet the needs of leisure and marine vehicles. With its sealed calcium construction which makes it 100% maintenance free this battery is fast becoming a favourite within the industry. This range is suited to seasonal use such as Caravans Motorhomes Boats RV Camping and much more.

The product is supplied charged and ready to fit.


- X-Frame Full framed grid design restrains grid growth and short-circuits. Benefit: Upgraded quality and longer life span equalling reliability

- Thicker calcium coated plates with high density active material

- Strong carry handle for installation

- Vibration resistant design with reinforced container

- Unique designed grid for electric flow which ensures high electric conductivities and strong adhesion of active materials. Benefit: Providing higher starting power stable structure and few corrosion.

12V 130Ah (C20) 900CCA

L330 x W172 x H242mm 28Kg

Terminal Layout: LH+

Terminal Type: Dual Post, Standard Automotive & Threaded Post

4 Years Warranty

Numax LV22MF Leisure Battery

2 YEARS WARRANTY. Important Note: Please do check the Dimensions (Size) and Polarity [Battery positive and negative terminal (post) Layout] and terminal type against your Old battery or Battery Tray where the battery is placed in the vehicle before purchasing (Buying) the battery from our amazon shop.

Warning-: Remove red bungs (plugs) from battery breathing Hole immediately after receiving the battery or batteries.

12 Volts


21.7 Kilograms

30.2 x 17.2 x 22.5 centimetres

6 Cells

Your motorhome leisure battery will normally be charged when you drive your motorhome. However, some types of engine won't maintain your battery charge while driving.

Booking camping sites with a sufficient hook-up will reduce your time spent charging batteries. 100A at one campground is the same as 16A at another. Consider purchasing and installing a portable leisure battery charger to be safe.


תגובה אחת

Deep cycle leisure batteries are temperature sensitive regarding storage and charging.

C20 & C10 refer to amp hours available at different temperatures less available in cold weather conditions.

Lead acid batteries perform in a wider temperature range than lithium batteries.

Lithium temperature range is +10c to + 20c needing warming and cooling outside these parameters hence electric car range problems heating and cooling the batteries.

Lithium D.O.D ( depth of discharge ) is 80%.

AGM VRLA internal gas valve regulated batteries D.O.D 70% very wide temperature range batteries retaining more power in colder conditions are safer and a very good leisure battery for camper vans.

Lithium are less weight but can suffer from thermal run away causing them to catch…

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