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The Adventure Awaits App

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Discover hundreds of Free and interesting locations throughout the UK

Adventures Awaits

We`ve been using the adventure awaits App for a while now whilst out and about in our campervan to find places of interest to visit and thought it was about time we did a review.

First Impressions

Our first impressions upon downloading and subscribing to the App are that it has a very simple, clean and easy to navigate feel to it.

The layout is perfect and the pictures and colours are all very easy on the eye.

The "My Profile" page is great, you have the option to edit your profile, first & last name, email address etc. plus:

  • Push Notifications.

  • Contact Us

  • Share This App

  • T`s & C`s

  • Privacy Policy

  • APP Settings

As soon as you load the Adventure Awaits App you are greeted with 5 options:

  • What's around me.

  • England.

  • Wales.

  • Scotland.

  • N. Ireland.

We have mainly used the "What's Around Me option" as no matter where we are it will show us what is in the local area so we don't have to travel too far But if we are planning our trip in advance to say, Wales, we will always have a look on the App to make sure there are plenty of places to visit in the area we are staying, if not we can always look at staying somewhere else that has more places of interest to visit near by.

Selecting One Of The Options

When you select one of the 5 options you can either choose to have a map view or a list view of the places of interest.

The map view is great as it gives you a visual idea as to all the places around you, plus you can zoom in and out and move the map in all directions.

The places of interest are all marked on the map with a blue pin, when you select one of the pins a pop-up will appear giving you a brief description of the place of interest, if you then click on the pop-up you are taken to a much more detailed page with all the information you need, including where to park, if it has easy access and if its dog friendly etc. and it will even give you the directions on how to get there from your current location.

adventures awaits van life

The list view is very simple, it brings up a great picture of each location, it tells you how many miles you are away from it and you also have the option to click on each one to get all the same information as you would on the map view.

Across the top of both of these options you also get a selection of extra options you can select to narrow down your search, these include:

100% FREE / Great for kids / Dog friendly / Easy Access / Indoor / Wildlife / Historic -Science / Hike / Natural / Museum / Sculpture /Active

Pros and Cons

To be honest we cant really see any "cons" with it, we have been using the App for a while now and it has been so useful, we`ve had many days sat in the campervan wondering what to do and what could be around us, so we`ve loaded up the App and its never failed to find us somewhere to visit. We have even found places around our home town that we didn't know


It is available for Android and Apple.

Another good thing is we can bookmark any locations and save them to our favourites, this is great for places we want to visit in the future or that we might want to return to at a later date.

I guess unfortunately some people may see the price of £1.99 per month as a bit of a con but when you consider the time and effort that has gone into making this App and keeping it constantly updated I feel it is very much worth it, especially if you spend a lot of time in your campervan, caravan or motorhome and enjoy exploring new places.

The Final Score

So our final score is going to be.......10/10 as there's just no reason for it not to be.

One feature that we would like to see (not sure if it would be possible) is for subscribers to be able to add their own locations, this would be a great way to build the community and expand the App.


download adventures awaits apple
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7 commentaires

Manon Deslauriers
Manon Deslauriers
25 août 2022

How would you compare the app to let's say TripAdvisor when looking around where you are or planing a trip?

Manon Deslauriers
Manon Deslauriers
26 août 2022
En réponse à

got you, TripAdvisor will give you everything.


25 août 2022

How exiting !!


Manon Deslauriers
Manon Deslauriers
25 août 2022

I will look into this. My van will be READY this coming Monday!

Manon Deslauriers
Manon Deslauriers
25 août 2022
En réponse à

Actually clearing out the house at the moment, really overwhelming!

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