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10 Genius, Simple & Cheap Van Life Hacks.

Updated: Jun 11, 2022

Life on the road can be a challenge for various reasons, many of which are out of our control but there are a few things we can do to guarantee a smoother more stress free van life.

For this reason we have put together our top 10 simple van life hacks, tips and tricks.

#1 - Anti Slip Gel Pads

Transparent Anti Slip Silicone Gel Pads.

These little gel pads are amazing little things! they may not look like much but they are a great way to keep things fixed in place whilst on the move in your campervan, motorhome or caravan.

Simply pop them on any surface and put on the items you want to stay in place, whether it be a pair of glasses, a vase, jars or tools they are sure to stay in place.

Easily mount objects anywhere, just peel, stick and grip!

Washable and reusable up to 1000 times.

Removable double sided super grip.

Use indoors and outdoors.

Won't leave behind any residue or damage.

Size: 75x65mm.

Colour: Transparent.

Material: Silicone Gel.


#2 - Fruit & Veg Hammock

3Pcs Hanging Mesh Storage Hammocks

These fruit and veg hammocks are a must have for any campervan.

Not only are they good looking, easy to use and excellent value for money but they also keep your fruit and veg in better condition as they wont be rolling around knocking into each other causing bruising.

These hammocks give great easy access to your favourite fruits and vegetables and allow you to easily check their condition.

High-quality material.

Breathable mesh design.

Environmentally friendly and reusable.

Portable and easy to clean.

Various uses.

#3 - Self Adhesive Push In Tea Towel Hangers

3 Pcs Self-Adhesive Kitchen Towel Hangers.

Excellent little space savers!

If you are fed up with leaving your tea towel on the workbench, over the oven handle or in a draw then you really should consider these tea towel hangers.

They are so simple to apply and use and you will wonder why you didn't get them earlier.

Simply stick them anywhere you want and push in the corner of your tea towel, when needed just pull the towel out.


#4 - Folding Kitchen Bin

Folding & Hanging Kitchen Bin.

This is a great problem solver for a lot of campervan owners, there's nothing worse than setting off on your travels, driving around some lovely country lanes only to look back and see your bin has fallen over and spread your rubbish all over the floor.

Well this folding and hanging bin does away with that pending disaster.

The bin can be hung over cabinet door.

Suitable for narrow or tight spaces.

Can be lined with carry bags.


#5 - Magnetic Spice Rack

Magnetic 9 Tin Spice Rack.

An amazing space saver that keeps your spices nice and tidy and stops the clanging of the jars in the cupboard whilst driving.

Not only is this a great looking spice rack that adds a bit of colour to your campervan but its very simple to use and allows you to keep an eye on just how much you have left of your favourite spices.

#6 - Magnetic Hooks

8 Pack of Heavy Duty Magnetic Hooks.

These magnetic hooks are a must have for any van lifer, who would have thought something so simple could be so effective!

Perfect for hanging kitchen utensils, towels, clothes, keys, bags and so much more.

Indoor & Outdoor use.

No tools required.

Each hook could hold 60 pounds.

Rotates 360 degrees and swivels 180 degrees.


#7 - Rechargeable Motion Sensor Lights

Wireless USB Rechargeable.

This 3 pack of lights come in so useful in so many circumstances, they are perfect to place inside cupboards and the toilet as when you open the door the light automatically comes on thanks to the Motion sensor.




Remote control.



#8 - Campervan Seat Organisers

2 Pack of Campervan Seat Organisers.

these seat organisers come in so handy for storing all sorts.

Even if you don't have kids they are excellent storage for drinks, books, food ETC. plus they can hold a tablet which is great if you want to watch a movie!

USB & Headphone Slits.

Premium Materials &Waterproof.

Durable Design.

Easy To Fit.

#9 - Clothes Storage Bags

3 Pack of 90L Clothes Storage Bags.

If there's one thing that's normally at a premium in a campervan its storage space and there's nothing worse than having your clothes spread around the van in different cupboards and draws, mixed in with everyone else's clothes.

These clothes storage bags are perfect for keeping you clothes, towels and bedding clean and organised.


#10 - Collapsible Food Storage

4 Pack Of Collapsible Food Storage Containers.

Excellent space saving collapsible containers that are perfect for storing food in and great to take with you on days out.

When not in use these containers are so easy to store and will take up no room in your campervan.



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