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The Greener Camping Club

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Have you ever gone camping and thought to yourself, “I love nature, but I hate the impact my campervan trip is having on the environment”? If so, you’re not alone. In recent years, there has been a growing movement of people who want to enjoy the outdoors without harming the very thing they came to appreciate. This is where The Greener Camping Club comes in. They are a club dedicated to helping campers enjoy their time in nature while also doing our part to protect the environment. In this blog post, we will explore some of the ways they are working to make camping more sustainable for everyone involved.

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The Greener Camping Club offers small, quiet campsites in great locations that are gentle on the environment. Most important of all - they allow campfires! they want to make camping more sustainable and created The Greener Camping Club to fill the void for a members-only camping organization committed to eco-friendly, green camping. their campsites - which are owned and managed privately - are some of the most environmentally friendly in Wales and England.

About The Greener Camping Club

The Greener Camping Club was established in 2015 by four friends, themselves experienced campsite owners, with a shared passion for sustainable, low impact camping holidays.

At present, they have over 140 campsites. These carefully vetted campsites share the common theme of high-quality camping in beautiful settings. The majority of their campsites are located in west Wales, but they are slowly adding more throughout England and the UK. Their goal is for a network of high-quality and environmentally friendly campsites throughout the UK and Wales which will make their members happy campers.

When it comes to camping and glamping, they have you covered. They have a large selection of member-exclusive campgrounds in spectacular settings. Each year, membership costs just £12 (the membership year runs from January to December). Additionally, they have the "Trees for Life" program, which plants a tree for every new member registered. So far, they have planted over 32,000 trees - and plan on planting another 14,000 trees this year. With these steps, their hope is that these trees will offset some of the environmental impact responsible for any trip—even the eco-friendliest getaway. These trees are funded by the yearly membership fee.

As well as providing only 100% green-rated campsites with no queues for toilets or showers. We don't bombard you with unexpected marketing material; our priority is to provide you access to all your perfect green getaways without seemingly endless offers or needlessly expensive features.

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Join The Greener Camping Club

If you're a discerning and environmentally-conscious camper and you want to experience some of the most beautiful natural sites, then it sounds like you should join The Greener Camping Club. Membership costs just £12* and entitles you to stay at any of their campsites (subject to availability).

The easiest way to join the Greener Camping Club is to book a holiday with one of their campsites. The £12 membership fee will be added to your camping fees and you will receive your Membership eCard when you pay your deposit or make full payment. Only one membership is required per family.

What do you get as a Member?

These campsites in Wales and England are some of the nicest we've seen. They have the lowest environmental impact, using renewable energy and fostering zero waste initiatives to achieve 100% recycling.

In order to provide a safe environment for their wildlife, they have gone to great lengths to plant colourful and exotic plants. They also limit the number of visitors on site at any given time.

When it comes to space, they pride their selves on giving you plenty. You'll never have guy lines overlapping and most of their sites are placed with distance in mind. There is more space for nature and less mowing. We don't expect manicured lawns everywhere - it's good for the environment.

You know how satisfying it can be to build and sit by a fire! That's why all of their campsites have campfires, plus they're also great for cooking. their firewood is locally sourced with virtually no carbon footprint, too!



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