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Robert & His Dog Moved Into Their Campervan To Live The Van Life.

Robert had always been a lover of adventure. As a young man, he had travelled extensively, hitchhiking across continents and exploring the wilderness. As he got older, however, he found that his love of adventure was still as strong as ever, but he wanted a different kind of adventure.

van life robert

One day, while out on a walk with his beloved Springer Spaniel Reggie, Robert came across an old VW camper van for sale. It was in rough condition, but Robert could see its potential. He decided to buy it and set about restoring it to its former glory.

van life campervan

Robert and Reggie spent months working on the van, transforming it into their very own mobile home. They added a bed, a kitchen, and even a small bathroom. The van became their passion project, and they poured all their time and energy into it.

Once the van was ready, Robert decided to take the leap and move into it full-time. He had always been drawn to the van life, and now he was finally living it. He quit his job, sold his house, and hit the road with Reggie by his side.

They travelled all over the UK, from the rugged coastlines of Cornwall to the misty Scottish Highlands. They parked up in secluded spots, waking up to the sound of birdsong and the rustling of leaves. They hiked through forests, explored quaint villages, and met all kinds of interesting people.

Living in the van was not always easy, but Robert and Reggie loved it. They had each other, and that was all that mattered. They spent their days exploring and their evenings curled up together in their cosy van.

van life dog

As they drove down winding country roads, with the wind in their hair and the sun on their faces, Robert knew that he had found the adventure he had been searching for. He was living the van life, and he and Reggie were happy, free, and truly alive.


While in Cornwall, Robert and Reggie enjoyed exploring the rugged coastline and picturesque villages that dotted the region. They visited the charming seaside town of St. Ives, where they wandered the narrow streets and browsed the local shops.

They also spent time walking along the South West Coast Path, which offered breath-taking views of the sea and the dramatic cliffs. They visited the historic Tintagel Castle, which is said to be the birthplace of King Arthur, and they marvelled at the stunning views from the castle's clifftop perch.

van life cornwall

In the evenings, Robert and Reggie would park up their campervan at a quiet spot by the sea and cook dinner on their portable stove. They would sit outside and watch the sun set over the water, enjoying the peace and quiet of their secluded spot.

Cornwall was one of their favourite places on their van life adventure, and they always looked forward to returning to its wild beauty and charming towns.


In Dorset, Robert and Reggie continued their van life adventure by exploring the stunning landscapes and quaint villages that the county had to offer.

One of their favourite places in Dorset was the Jurassic Coast, a World Heritage Site that stretches for 95 miles along the southern coast of England. They spent several days walking along the coast, admiring the dramatic cliffs and fossil-filled beaches.

Robert and Reggie also enjoyed exploring the pretty seaside town of Lyme Regis, with its colourful beach huts and winding streets. They visited the famous Cobb, a historic harbour wall that featured in the novel "The French Lieutenant's Woman," and they sampled some of the delicious seafood at the local restaurants.

Inland, they took a stroll in the beautiful countryside of the Dorset Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. They visited the historic village of Cerne Abbas, with its iconic Cerne Abbas Giant chalk figure on the hillside. They also enjoyed a trip to Corfe Castle, a ruined castle that dates back to the 11th century and is set in the stunning Purbeck Hills.

van life dorset

At night, they parked up their campervan in a quiet spot and enjoyed the peacefulness of the countryside. Dorset had been a wonderful place for Robert and Reggie to explore, and they had many happy memories of their time there.


When Robert and Reggie arrived in Wales, they were immediately struck by its wild, rugged beauty. They spent several weeks exploring the country, from the windswept coastlines to the stunning mountain ranges.

One of the highlights of their time in Wales was hiking in Snowdonia National Park, home to the highest mountain in Wales, Mount Snowdon. They climbed to the summit and were rewarded with breath-taking views of the surrounding landscape. They also explored the nearby villages, enjoying the local food and drink.

van life wales

Robert and Reggie also visited the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, which boasts some of the most spectacular coastline in the UK. They walked along the famous Coast Path, taking in the stunning views of the cliffs and the sea. They even took a boat trip to Skomer Island, where they saw puffins and other seabirds in their natural habitat.

In the evenings, they parked up their campervan in quiet spots, often next to rivers or lakes. They cooked their meals on their portable stove and enjoyed the tranquillity of their surroundings.

Wales had been a wonderful place for Robert and Reggie to explore, and they had many happy memories of their time there. They had fallen in love with the country's wild, untamed beauty and had made many friends along the way.

The Van:

Robert had spent months restoring and transforming their VW campervan into a cosy and functional living space for their van life adventure. The inside of their campervan was small, but it had everything they needed to live comfortably on the road.

At the front of the van, there were two seats for Robert and Reggie to sit in while driving. Behind the seats was a small kitchenette with a sink, a gas stove, and a small refrigerator. The kitchenette had a compact design with clever storage solutions, such as foldable countertops and pull-out drawers, to maximize the space.

Next to the kitchenette, there was a small dining area with a table that could be converted into a bed at night. The bed was comfortable, with a memory foam mattress, and it could easily be set up or taken down in a matter of minutes.

van life van interior

At the back of the van, there was a small bathroom with a portable toilet and a shower that could be attached to the outside of the van. The bathroom was compact but functional, and it allowed Robert and Reggie to freshen up while on the road.

Overall, the inside of their campervan was simple yet practical, with clever storage solutions and a cosy feel. It was the perfect home for their van life adventure, and they were grateful for every moment they spent in it.


Robert enjoyed cooking a variety of meals in his campervan kitchenette. He had learned to make the most of the limited space and resources, and he often cooked simple but delicious meals that were easy to prepare and clean up.

One of his favourite meals to cook was a classic English breakfast, with bacon, eggs, sausage, and toast. He would also sometimes make pancakes or French toast for breakfast, using a portable griddle.

For lunch, Robert often made sandwiches or wraps using fresh bread, deli meats, and vegetables. He would also sometimes cook soup or chili on his gas stove, which he would serve with crusty bread or crackers.

In the evenings, Robert liked to cook hearty meals that would fill him up after a long day of exploring. He often made pasta dishes, such as spaghetti Bolognese or carbonara, or rice dishes, such as stir-fry or curry. He also enjoyed grilling meat or fish on a portable barbecue that he kept in the van.

Robert was creative with his cooking, and he enjoyed experimenting with new recipes and flavour's. He would often shop for fresh, local ingredients at the farmers' markets or roadside stands that he passed along the way. Cooking in his campervan was one of the joys of his van life adventure, and he loved the challenge of making delicious meals in a small space.


The drive from Wales to Scotland was a long one, but it was also one of the most scenic routes in the UK. Robert and Reggie took their time, enjoying the breath-taking views and stopping at various locations along the way.

They started their journey by driving north from Wales to the Lake District National Park in England. They drove through winding roads that cut through rolling hills and picturesque villages. They stopped at several scenic spots to take in the views of the lakes and mountains.

From the Lake District, they continued north to Scotland, driving through the Scottish Borders region. This area is known for its rolling hills, green valleys, and historic towns. Robert and Reggie stopped to visit several castles and historic sites along the way, including Melrose Abbey and Traquair House.

As they drove further north, the landscape became more rugged and wild. They crossed over into the Scottish Highlands, where the road twisted and turned through mountains and valleys. They passed by towering peaks, sparkling lochs, and ancient forests.

van life scotland

Despite the beauty of the scenery, the drive was not always easy. The roads in the Highlands can be narrow and winding, and the weather can change quickly. Robert had to stay alert and focused behind the wheel, especially when driving on single-track roads that required him to pull over to let other cars pass.

Overall, the drive from Wales to Scotland was a memorable one for Robert and Reggie. They had seen some of the most stunning landscapes in the UK, and they had experienced the thrill of the open road. They were excited to explore more of Scotland and to see what adventures awaited them in the next leg of their van life journey.


Robert and Reggie's first stop in Scotland was Edinburgh, the capital city. They parked their campervan in a quiet spot outside the city centre and spent several days exploring the city on foot.

They visited many of Edinburgh`s historic and cultural attractions, including Edinburgh Castle, the Royal Mile, and the National Museum of Scotland. They also enjoyed walking through the city's charming neighbourhood's and parks, such as the Old Town, New Town, and Holyrood Park.


One of the highlights of their visit to Edinburgh was trying the local cuisine. Robert and Reggie sampled Scottish delicacies such as haggis, neeps and tatties, Cullen skink, and whisky. They also visited local markets and shops to stock up on fresh produce, meats, and cheeses for their campervan kitchen.

After spending several days in Edinburgh, Robert and Reggie set off to explore the Scottish countryside. They drove north to the Cairngorms National Park, one of the most beautiful and rugged regions of Scotland.

The Cairngorms are a vast wilderness area of mountains, forests, and moorlands, with miles of hiking trails and scenic drives. Robert and Reggie hiked through ancient forests, climbed up to the summit of mountains, and explored the glens and valleys of the park. They were awed by the stunning beauty of the landscape and the abundance of wildlife, including red deer, ospreys, and golden eagles.

The Isle Of Skye:

Robert and Reggie had a wonderful time exploring the Isle of Skye, one of the most beautiful and rugged islands in Scotland. They spent several days hiking, sightseeing, and experiencing the local culture.

One of their first stops on Skye was the Cuillin Mountains, a range of jagged peaks that dominate the island's skyline. Robert and Reggie hiked up to the base of the mountains, enjoying stunning views of the surrounding countryside.

They also visited the charming village of Portree, the largest town on the island, with colorful buildings and a bustling harbour. They strolled through the town's streets, taking in the local culture and enjoying fresh seafood at local restaurants.

van life The Isle Of Skye

Robert and Reggie also explored the island's rugged coastline, visiting places like the Trotternish Peninsula and the Quiraing, with their dramatic cliffs and rock formations. They hiked along the coastal trails, enjoying the stunning views of the sea and the islands beyond.

One of the highlights of their visit to Skye was their encounter with local wildlife. They spotted seals basking on the rocks, watched dolphins playing in the waters, and even saw a pair of golden eagles soaring high above the mountains.

Overall, Robert and Reggie had a wonderful time on the Isle of Skye. They were captivated by the island's wild beauty and its rich cultural heritage, and they left with memories that would last a lifetime.

After exploring the Isle of Skye, Robert and Reggie continued their journey north along Scotland's stunning North Coast 500 route. This scenic 500-mile road trip takes in some of the most beautiful landscapes in the country, from rugged mountains to sandy beaches, and from ancient castles to picturesque fishing villages.

As they drove north, Robert and Reggie passed through the remote and beautiful region of Assynt, where they hiked through stunning mountain landscapes and visited ancient standing stones and cairns.

Next, they headed to the northernmost part of mainland Scotland, the rugged and windswept region of Caithness and Sutherland. Here, they visited the historic towns of Wick and Thurso, explored the ruins of ancient castles like Dunrobin Castle and Castle Sinclair Girnigoe, and hiked through the stunning wilderness of the Flow Country.

From there, they continued to the beautiful and historic city of Inverness, where they explored the famous Loch Ness and its mythical monster. They also visited Culloden Battlefield, the site of the famous battle between the Jacobite rebels and the British army in 1746.

van life Scottish Highlands

Finally, Robert and Reggie made their way to the far north of Scotland, to the remote and wild region of the Scottish Highlands. Here, they hiked through the stunning landscapes of Torridon and Assynt, visited the breathtakingly beautiful beaches of the far north coast, and marvelled at the incredible beauty of the Aurora Borealis, the Northern Lights.

Throughout their journey, Robert and Reggie were captivated by the stunning beauty and rich history of Scotland, and they continued to be amazed by the warmth and friendliness of the Scottish people they met along the way.

With no concrete plans and a world of possibilities ahead of them, Robert and Reggie decided to continue their van life adventure, as autumn turned to winter, Robert and Reggie decided to leave the UK behind and head south to warmer climes. They boarded a ferry to France and began to explore the beautiful countryside and historic towns of rural France. They sampled local wines and cheeses, hiked through vineyards and fields, and enjoyed the slower pace of life that France is famous for.

As they continued their travels through Europe, Robert and Reggie made many more unforgettable memories together, exploring new places, meeting new people, and living life on their own terms. Though they faced challenges and setbacks along the way, they never lost their love of adventure and their passion for the van life. And no matter where the road took them, they knew they had each other, and that was all they needed.

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