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Our Top 5 UK Van life Vloggers

Updated: Jun 11, 2022

Below are five van life Vloggers we would definitely recommend watching, each have their own unique way of living the van life.

Why not check them out, take a look through some of their past videos (there's some great hidden gems to be found) and spread the love by subscribing and giving them a thumbs up 👍

#5 - Project Amber


Join CJ and his beautiful Sprocker Spaniel Lance as they get up to all sorts of adventures across not only the UK but also Europe in their beautiful and unique converted ambulance.


#4 - Travel Trolls

Van Life

If you've never watched the Travel Trolls, Dan & Mazzy then you are missing out on some great content! they travel around the UK visiting some lovely places, they also go out of their way to visit places of interest like castles, caves and museums.

#3 - Mel`s Van Life

Van Life UK

Although not strictly living the full time van life Mel is an inspiration to many out there that are looking to build their own campervan, from installing solar panels to fitting a wood burner you'll find it all on Mel's channel.


#2 - The Urban Motorhome

Van Life UK

Come and join Darren and see how he gets on living full time in his motorhome in the UK.

What we love about Darren is he keeps it all very real and is more than happy to share his mistakes as well as his tips and tricks for living the van life.


#1 - Greg Virgoe

Greg and his wife quit their jobs, quit their house and decided to live the van life and travel around the Uk and Europe in a self converted Mercedes Sprinter.

Greg's videos on converting his van are full of detail and the results are amazing! Definitely a must watch!

We hope you enjoyed this little selection of our favourite van life vloggers and if you did we hope you subscribed to them!



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