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Fighting Condensation....

Updated: Jun 11, 2022

Condensation In A Campervan

There's not much worse than waking up in the morning after the perfect nights sleep and pulling back the curtains to find your windows are soaking wet, on the inside!

Unfortunately this is something all campervan owners will experience at one time or another and those that don't have the perfect ventilation will experience this on a daily basis.

The most common way of dealing with condensation on windows is to simply wipe them over with a cloth, usually a microfiber cloth.

This is OK for a quick easy fix but really isn't a great solution to the problem as you will end up with a bunch of wet cloths that are going to again cause condensation over night.

We have recently found an amazing tool that is not only quicker, cleaner but also has reduced the amount of condensation we have to deal with in the mornings.

Its called the Kärcher Window Vac and is basically an electric squeegee that collects all the water in a tank that can simply be emptied when finish

Another great thing about it is you do not get left with a bunch of streaks and smears as you do with a cloth, its basically not only getting rid of the condensation but also cleaning the windows every time its used.

Not only is the vac small and light but its also rechargeable which is great as it means you wont be dealing with flat batteries, it goes from totally flat to fully charged in a couple of hours and lasts for ever! we easily get a weeks worth of use from it without it showing any signs of slowing down.

Not only is it perfect for windows but something we didn't think of before is how perfect it is for the wet room!

If you shower in your campervan you will definitely benefit from one of these, its perfect for going over your walls, shower doors and even the ceiling with to get rid of the water and condensation.

This is one little gadget that we wish we had found earlier and one that we would never be without now we have it.



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